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The idea of detournement, originally brought out by the French politic artistic movement Situacionist International, can thus be vindicated here as well, in the sense that something useless as an unoccupied wood house can, thought the influx of artistic creation, be somehow reoccupied, although merely in a visual form, by the observers. 




Untitled - Pen, Indian Ink on Paper

30 cm x 40 cm / 60 cm x 42 cm / 42 cm x 60 cm / 42 cm x 32 cm 






This idea of detournement, or turnabout, dwells in Catarino’s drawings, as it appear specifically in these works, as a metaphor for human waste, to which his drawings reveals themselves as an agent of ecology. Ecology as detournement

The useless and obsolete is restored through art, Art is made adventure. Thus, through art, what seemed lost acquires new meaning and utility. A spiritual utility.


If spirituality were somehow brought about art to the artist and to the observer, art revels a purpose.    



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